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Lots of people are getting massage these days to help with pain and stress relief. Discount massage chains are popping up everywhere. Their therapists are generally fresh out of school and are on rotation, so you never know who you are going to get or how long they may stay. There are also many spas opening where you can get your nails done, get a glass of champagne and get a massage. This is fine for a day out with your friends, but if you have a real problem, it’s doubtful you will get experienced professional help. At UnderPressureTM, you will be treated by experienced therapist who put your pain first. The office is not fancy and there are no waterfalls in the lobby but what we do have is great treatment massage at competitive prices. SOME OF THE MANY BENEFITS OF MASSAGE 
  • Relieves STRESS.
  • Stimulates circulation to aid in waste elimination in the muscle tissue and lymphatic system. Beneficial after trauma or post surgical to reduce swelling.
  • Helps to elongate muscle fibers found in plastic deformation, often associated with poor posture or after injury.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Deep Myofascial work will eliminate adhesion between muscle groups and allow an increased range of motion. Examples include "Frozen Shoulder".
  • Eliminate trigger points and reduce muscle memory in cases of chronic pain.
  • When included in a treatment program will improve and speed total body recovery.

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